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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Painting and Wrapping up the outside

Since we've been back to school we've been trying to get the addition enclosed.  This means getting all the windows, doors and roof on.  Monday the last two doors will be well be delivered and Tuesday they will go in.  The roof is being put on; we are hoping it will be done by the end of next week.  And because the roof is going on we are rushing to get some areas of the house painted before we have shingles down, it'll be much easier.  Finn has been working hard on getting the trim painted  
 After negotiating a manzanita bush, Bonnie was able to get the entry way wall painted.  It was nice to get a look at the house color it the environment it would be surrounded in.
 The back side of the exterior of the house is looking pretty close to complete.
Wow, that once big boulder looks kind of small...

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been a while since our last post and a lot has changed.  Bonnie Finn and I went back to WI the first weekend in September for Chris ( our Nephew) and Catherine's wedding.  Bonnie and I are back to school, and we've been hiring more help to get the addition closed in.  We've been working with Gerado, a man Keith has been hiring for some time now.  Last week we passed roof inspection so we can get the roof in and get back to living indoors again.  We'd like to get all of the siding and windows in place before we slow down for the season.  Looks like that might be able to happen in the next couple of weeks.
Here is a shot of the from the back side of the house with the roof sheeting done. 

 Siding is on the front side of the addition... well as windows.  The height on the center windows is about 11 feet.  I know what you're thinking because Bonnie had the same thought when she saw them in place. How does one clean these suckers?    
 While we were back in WI Dave surprised us by installing all or the dinning room windows.

 This morning Trevor and I finished the t&g Dave started on the roof over the deck.
Nights are cooling off nicely and fall is starting to settle in on the mountain.  It will be good to get things buttoned up.  Then we can slow down without the pressure of the elements and enjoy the Super Bowl Champion Packers.  O.k so we would enjoy them whether we were closed in or not.  Go Packers!