front elevation of plans

Monday, August 22, 2011

Roof is getting closer to finish

It was just me and Bonnie today.  Bonnie don't get a chance to put the finishing touches on the deck before she and Finn left for WI so today she was able to complete the task.

A lot of custom cuts today and all that's left is the step down, bench seat and handrail. Those elements can wait until we get the roof on.  While Bonnie was getting the deck surface done, I was adding the tongue and groove to the outer edges of our dormers and master bedroom roof eaves.
Tomorrow we are going to place the last rafter and get the last of the roof sheeting done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today did start with a hike.  Dave and I shot up to Lilly Rock.  I hadn't been up in years, it was fun to get up there again.  Eric could not make it as his work with Creatif was pressing.  Business is going so well for Eric that he needed to head back to Big Bear this morning.  It sounds like he might be able to come back next week.  We'll take him when we can get him, he's great to have around.  I had a meeting at 12 so Dave and I really didn't get started working together until about 2:00.  In the morning I got the rest of the south side existing roof insulated.  After my meeting I got prepared to get the curved roof on.  Here is the view from where the opening in the master bedroom deck roof will be. 

 This is a shot from the point of the mai deck.
Tomorrow we'll tackle the valley where the existing home meets the addition.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today we had a full crew.  Eric is back on the scene as well as Dave Trevor and myself.  Eric and Trevor spent the morning continuing the build up on the roof on the south side.  Dave did the heavy mental lifting of figuring out the double pitch roof on the north side.  I kind of when from one side to the other. 

 In the afternoon we all focused on getting the rafters set on the north side.  We managed to get them all set as well as getting some o.s.b. down.

The interior really took shape with some roof sheeting in place.  Tomorrow the first order on business is a hike.  Dave, Eric, and I are going to scramble up to the lookout and run back down.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Diversion- Wisc. State Fair 2011

While Todd has been slaving away on the house project, Bonnie and Finn made a trip to Wisconsin. Since the roof is open and all sorts of things can fly in and come out, it seemed safest to have only one person living in the place at this time.

Here is a recap of our State Fair experience with the cousins and Uncle Steve and Aunt Connie. The weather was perfect...
Nothing says "State Fair" like a cream puff

Cousin Cait and Finn on the Big Slide

Everybody enjoying 25 cent milk- Strawberry and Root Beer seemed to be the favorites

Finn got a balloon animal for helping the juggler pick up the cones- Cousin Matt is in the photo too

Sorry Todd couldn't join us, but we enjoyed a Micro Brew in his honor

These were the "Flavors" of Wis. microbrews left by the last day of the fair- The options were more limited but tasty all the same

Cousin Lindsy and Finn rode on the Big Piggy Bank slide

Finn and Cousin Taylor outside the Goat Barn

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The focus has been the roof.  The past couple of days Trevor and I have been sheeting the back portion of the existing roof.  Yesterday progress was slowed because of the threat to T-storms.

After Trevor and I got the sheeting on in the morning, Dave and I finished the tear off in the afternoon.
Dave was great, I wish I had taken a picture.  He was roped in and swinging from the master bedroom dormer pulling shingles.  Tomorrow we are hoping to start the build up on the existing roof.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Still no rain so we were able to get the dormer roof sheeted and the side walls framed up.

 We also got the back portion of the roof tore off and built up for insulation. 
Tomorrow it's just Trevor and me.  I'm thinking we'll put on the insulation the Trevor cut today and then lay some sheeting.  The only hang up is there is the threat of rain.  I hope we don't have to spend our time tarping.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big day today, the pressure is really on to get the roof finished.  The day started with the existing roof intact.  By the end of the day Dave and I pulled shingles...

 pulled off the t&g pine roof...
 and framed up the dormer.

Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get any rain for the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow Trevor makes his return to the project, it'll be good to have him back.  We hope to sheet the dormer roof and frame up the side walls. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yesterday Finn headed over to Poppie and Nana's house for a fun afternoon while Bonnie and I worked on the deck.  I worked on the getting the rim in place so Bonnie could continue getting the surface down.
 By the end of the day we got the rim finished and some more of the surface laid down.

This morning I finished up the blocking so Bonnie can hammer away at the getting the last of the 2X6 down. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More roof and deck

The past couple of days Eric and I have been working on the south side roof of the master bedroom.  After getting it framed up, we sheeted it.  The dormer will have a nice 2 foot by 5 foot window in the center. 

View from new master bedroom looking up toward the existing / old roof. Don't worry the shingles won't be the decor in the new master bedroom.
While Eric and I were up on the roof,  Bonnie was working hard on the deck.  She had the tedious task of adding blocks over the beams.  A step that needed to happen before we got too much farther on adding the redwood surface.

View from the street
From this angle you can see how the deck relates to the front of the house.  The deck will end about 12 feet from the leading edge of the addition.
The thing in the middle of the picture is the front end of our new boat.. we mean deck.  The picture was taken from the new front entry way.
We found this guy as we were off loading some of the roofing material.  We don't know how long he'll last around these parts as there are lots of predators that would enjoy eating him.

Monday, August 1, 2011

More rain

The plan was to start on the roof yesterday, because of the monsoonnal rains we had to cut it to a half a day and concentrate on the deck.

The chain saw proved to be much faster than two passes with the circular saw and one with the sawzall.  We borrowed Keith's and Eric and I made some time.
Bonnie started laying on the deck today.  She tackled the scribe work around the boulder in the house so this was simple stuff for her.

30% chance of rain tonight so after the rafters went up, Todd spent some time putting up some tarps.  Fingers crossed, hopefully we won't need them.
Today Justin B. stopped by to lend a hand. He's a friend from school that teaches in the math/science department and also an engineer by trade.  It'll be good the have structural engineer on site tomorrow,  we'll be framing the dormer in the master bedroom.