front elevation of plans

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Men in the Bedroom

Over the weekend we were able to get the interior of the master bedroom framed up.  Eric and Dave were both available to help so we broke through and built the transition from the existing loft to the new third floor.

Now the space really shapes up.  Tom came over and moved the kitchen vent which completed our rough plumbing.  All we need to do for combo inspection is run our rough electrical, and add some more hardware and strap to a few framing members.  We could be adding insulation and drywall by the time we get back from Chicago in Feb.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mixed holiday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think about all that we are grateful for and appreciate in our lives.  We have been very lucky to have had many wonderful friends to help us during this crazy project.  Knock on wood, we have not had any major issues or accidents and while it has been a trying few months our successes have been great.

With all that we are grateful this holiday, we are also saddened by the loss of our sweet dog, Chance.  Bonnie and Finn returned from a quick trip to Wisconsin for the Wisconsin State High School Theatre Festival, only to find Chance unable to stand and greet them.  Todd quickly took her to the Vet and by Tuesday morning she was gone.  The vet is fairly confident it was some type of poison but we are unsure as to where and when it happened.  Luckily Lucy was quickly tested and her numbers were normal.  Chance had been with us since we bought this house in 2001 and in her 10 years with our family, she had been our companion through it all.  She was such a sweet and loving spirit for us that it will take awhile for us to adjust. 
Mid-process of deck removal
Only structure left on front deck

View from living room windows looking down to the road.  Todd is the speck in the middle of the road.

During the week of  Thanksgiving, Bonnie and Todd found some time to finish the rest of the front of the house and remove the remaining front deck.  With the last of the deck off, the lower level room gets lots of light and feels much different.  We'll be excited to change out the lower level windows, but that is a project for much further down the road.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breaking through

We had a busy weekend.  We wanted to get the big bank of windows changed out before the cooler, wetter season started to settle in.  Amazingly Trevor, Eric, Pat and Dave were all available to help us knock it out.  It was fun having everybody back again working like we did this summer.  Friday we started with this:
Saturday morning we started the demolition.

By lunch time we had a big opening as the front of our house.  Open the backdoor and we had a real wind tunnel.
By Saturday night we had all 6 of the smaller windows replaced with 4 of the larger more efficient up-to-date windows.  Finn got to get a close look at our handy work.  I think we passed inspection.
Don't worry- he is only about 4 feet off the ground...  Perfectly safe.
Sunday the guys and I worked on getting the exterior of the front of the house trimmed and painted.  My hope was to get the old deck pulled down as well but with finish work you want to make sure it is done right, not just fast.  I guess we can pull the deck another time.  Bonnie and Dave got the new windows put in the room where Finn sleeps.
 They also managed to break through upstairs which was pretty exciting.  Now we have a good idea as to how the transition from old to new is going to happen.

Today Grandma come to town to take care of us.  Our first show of the season techs this weekend so Bonnie and I will be very busy at school.  Needless to say work on the house will stop for a few weeks.  But I'll be happy to bask in the glow of this weekend's accomplishments.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

In 116 days we went from this:

To This:

 Monday the roof was finished and Tuesday we passed our next inspection.  That means we are all enclosed, and not a moment too soon.  The past few days it's been cold and raining.  We couldn't have done it without a bunch of help.  It took a village to get this project to the point it's at today.  Many thanks go out to many friends.  Just as the girls and I were out in the street taking in our accomplishment this little guy comes out to join us.

 First tarantula I've seen at this high altitude.  It was about the same diameter as a softball.  Next step on the house is pulling electrical lines throughout the house and getting the rough plumbing in.  In a couple of weeks we are looking to replace the big bank of windows on the existing house.  Once they are installed we can pull the rest of the old deck out.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Painting and Wrapping up the outside

Since we've been back to school we've been trying to get the addition enclosed.  This means getting all the windows, doors and roof on.  Monday the last two doors will be well be delivered and Tuesday they will go in.  The roof is being put on; we are hoping it will be done by the end of next week.  And because the roof is going on we are rushing to get some areas of the house painted before we have shingles down, it'll be much easier.  Finn has been working hard on getting the trim painted  
 After negotiating a manzanita bush, Bonnie was able to get the entry way wall painted.  It was nice to get a look at the house color it the environment it would be surrounded in.
 The back side of the exterior of the house is looking pretty close to complete.
Wow, that once big boulder looks kind of small...

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's been a while since our last post and a lot has changed.  Bonnie Finn and I went back to WI the first weekend in September for Chris ( our Nephew) and Catherine's wedding.  Bonnie and I are back to school, and we've been hiring more help to get the addition closed in.  We've been working with Gerado, a man Keith has been hiring for some time now.  Last week we passed roof inspection so we can get the roof in and get back to living indoors again.  We'd like to get all of the siding and windows in place before we slow down for the season.  Looks like that might be able to happen in the next couple of weeks.
Here is a shot of the from the back side of the house with the roof sheeting done. 

 Siding is on the front side of the addition... well as windows.  The height on the center windows is about 11 feet.  I know what you're thinking because Bonnie had the same thought when she saw them in place. How does one clean these suckers?    
 While we were back in WI Dave surprised us by installing all or the dinning room windows.

 This morning Trevor and I finished the t&g Dave started on the roof over the deck.
Nights are cooling off nicely and fall is starting to settle in on the mountain.  It will be good to get things buttoned up.  Then we can slow down without the pressure of the elements and enjoy the Super Bowl Champion Packers.  O.k so we would enjoy them whether we were closed in or not.  Go Packers!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Roof is getting closer to finish

It was just me and Bonnie today.  Bonnie don't get a chance to put the finishing touches on the deck before she and Finn left for WI so today she was able to complete the task.

A lot of custom cuts today and all that's left is the step down, bench seat and handrail. Those elements can wait until we get the roof on.  While Bonnie was getting the deck surface done, I was adding the tongue and groove to the outer edges of our dormers and master bedroom roof eaves.
Tomorrow we are going to place the last rafter and get the last of the roof sheeting done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today did start with a hike.  Dave and I shot up to Lilly Rock.  I hadn't been up in years, it was fun to get up there again.  Eric could not make it as his work with Creatif was pressing.  Business is going so well for Eric that he needed to head back to Big Bear this morning.  It sounds like he might be able to come back next week.  We'll take him when we can get him, he's great to have around.  I had a meeting at 12 so Dave and I really didn't get started working together until about 2:00.  In the morning I got the rest of the south side existing roof insulated.  After my meeting I got prepared to get the curved roof on.  Here is the view from where the opening in the master bedroom deck roof will be. 

 This is a shot from the point of the mai deck.
Tomorrow we'll tackle the valley where the existing home meets the addition.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today we had a full crew.  Eric is back on the scene as well as Dave Trevor and myself.  Eric and Trevor spent the morning continuing the build up on the roof on the south side.  Dave did the heavy mental lifting of figuring out the double pitch roof on the north side.  I kind of when from one side to the other. 

 In the afternoon we all focused on getting the rafters set on the north side.  We managed to get them all set as well as getting some o.s.b. down.

The interior really took shape with some roof sheeting in place.  Tomorrow the first order on business is a hike.  Dave, Eric, and I are going to scramble up to the lookout and run back down.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Diversion- Wisc. State Fair 2011

While Todd has been slaving away on the house project, Bonnie and Finn made a trip to Wisconsin. Since the roof is open and all sorts of things can fly in and come out, it seemed safest to have only one person living in the place at this time.

Here is a recap of our State Fair experience with the cousins and Uncle Steve and Aunt Connie. The weather was perfect...
Nothing says "State Fair" like a cream puff

Cousin Cait and Finn on the Big Slide

Everybody enjoying 25 cent milk- Strawberry and Root Beer seemed to be the favorites

Finn got a balloon animal for helping the juggler pick up the cones- Cousin Matt is in the photo too

Sorry Todd couldn't join us, but we enjoyed a Micro Brew in his honor

These were the "Flavors" of Wis. microbrews left by the last day of the fair- The options were more limited but tasty all the same

Cousin Lindsy and Finn rode on the Big Piggy Bank slide

Finn and Cousin Taylor outside the Goat Barn