front elevation of plans

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Over the past week and a half Bonnie has been busy.  While I was crewing for a two man team doing RAAM she was working hard getting us closer to our goal of living in the addition by the time school starts in September.  Today we finished up the deck steps and bench seat.  The area in front of the wing wall is the seat that is hinged at the back so we can store deck stuff in it.  When totally finished it will have cushions on top.

 Another item on the list today was breaking down more of the existing exterior wall.  We pulled the windows and cut away as much of the wall as we could without having to move any utility.

The finished pantry was the work of Bonnie and neighbor Keith as a "Welcome Home" surprise.  One little finished corner (although without trim or flooring) was a really good feeling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We had a big day today.  We passed our drywall inspection!  Now we can really start to make the addition part of the existing.  Over the past several weeks we've started breaking through on the main level.  It started with taking out a window.

 Then it progressed to pulling out the door and framing in the area that is the bookcase/handrail.
 Since this is the anniversary of President Regan's 'tear down that wall' speach, we decided to do just that.

The space feels much more open.  Bonnie made the comment that it's starting to become a grown ups house, I couldn't agree more.  Bonnie has already stared on the mud and tape.  I only have a couple more day to work and than it's off to crew the RAAM.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Over our Spring Break we got a bunch done on the house.  Just before break we passed our combo inspection which means we could insulate.  Within a week we insulated the entire addition and passed that inspection as well.  Next step drywall and knotty pine ceilings 

On the main level we got most of the drywall and pine up.  We asked a couple of carpenters who gave us a hand in the fall to help us out again with this next step in the process.

It wasn't all work.  Dave, Tom and I got out and did some snowshoeing one evening.  The snow was about 4 feet deep in most spots.
Upstairs we got a start on the drywall and a good part of the knotty pine up on the ceiling.   
It was great to make some serious progress on the house.  Once the weather stays consistently warm we are going to break through the wall of the existing house and make a doorway into the addition, we can't wait.  For the next two months this project is pretty much on hold as we are very busy with work.  Along with all of the other end of the year stuff we have two main-stage shows to produce before the end of the year.    

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bring on the insulation, WE PASSED INSPECTION!  Today we passed our big combo inspection for rough electrical, plumbing and framing.  With spring break looming we wanted to be ready to put in some full days on the house and make some real progress.  Dave was great, he came over a bunch to help us be sure we were ready.   

 Last week we had the second subpanel installed.  This is where all of the addition will be powered from.
 Last week Idyllwild Heating also came over and roughed in our new ducting.
 Through it all the girls made sure the view was still good.
Our hope is to get all of the insulation in by next Thursday for another inspection.  If we pass then we can start in on drywall and t&g pine.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter finally camp to the hill this week.  Our new house got its fist real snow storm and it fared alright.  Today is also Lucy's last day of being the only dog in the house.  This morning, Finn and I got her out for a last solo romp in the fresh snow.

Because I'm back to training again work on the house is going slow.  We are hoping to be ready for the next inspection in about three weeks.  Then we can start to insulate.