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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mixed holiday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think about all that we are grateful for and appreciate in our lives.  We have been very lucky to have had many wonderful friends to help us during this crazy project.  Knock on wood, we have not had any major issues or accidents and while it has been a trying few months our successes have been great.

With all that we are grateful this holiday, we are also saddened by the loss of our sweet dog, Chance.  Bonnie and Finn returned from a quick trip to Wisconsin for the Wisconsin State High School Theatre Festival, only to find Chance unable to stand and greet them.  Todd quickly took her to the Vet and by Tuesday morning she was gone.  The vet is fairly confident it was some type of poison but we are unsure as to where and when it happened.  Luckily Lucy was quickly tested and her numbers were normal.  Chance had been with us since we bought this house in 2001 and in her 10 years with our family, she had been our companion through it all.  She was such a sweet and loving spirit for us that it will take awhile for us to adjust. 
Mid-process of deck removal
Only structure left on front deck

View from living room windows looking down to the road.  Todd is the speck in the middle of the road.

During the week of  Thanksgiving, Bonnie and Todd found some time to finish the rest of the front of the house and remove the remaining front deck.  With the last of the deck off, the lower level room gets lots of light and feels much different.  We'll be excited to change out the lower level windows, but that is a project for much further down the road.

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